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Welcome to the Little Byrom Stud homepage. Here you will find photos of our various stock. There is also a message board and a for sale page.


02/06/2012 - We're still waiting for two mares to foal this year. I'm so sorry that the website hasn't been updated in so long! I'm aware that it badly needs doing, and when we all get a moment and maybe some decent weather - you never know, miracles do happen - we can get everything sorted and updated.

15/10/2011 - We've had 5 filly foals this year, but no pictures for you yet, sorry! We've been rather busy!


Webmistress here! I wrote a book, and it will be officially published this time next week! Having said that, it's available on Amazon.co.uk right now!

Buy the paperback version here: Link

And the Kindle version here: Link

I also have 3 book signings coming up, please drop by if you can make it!

Preston Waterstone's: 23rd October, 11am-3pm

Blackpool Waterstone's: 29th October, 10am-4pm

Wigan Waterstone's: 5th November, 10am-3pm

If I didn't mess up the code, there should be my Twitter feed displayed there in the menu, please follow me!

25/05/2011 - We have 3 new filly foals, but no pictures yet. We've still 2 mares yet to foal.

1/5/2011 - UPDATE! We have new photos of all our youngstock, including last year's foals. We have a new video up of Gigolo and Charmer, our 4 year old colts. Most of our youngstock is for sale, so please visit the for sale page to see what we have on offer.

We also have a few videos up on the video page, so please check them out!

26/04/2011 - We should be updating soon, mostly the for sale page and youngstock. No foals yet this year, but we should have some soon!

13/06/2010 - 2010 foals photos have been added. Still waiting for new photos of other ponies. Plus here's a bonus one of Annwyll and her foal and Gemma's:

 bay colt foal

29/05/2010 - I finally updated the site, with a snazzy new look thanks to Kathryn Kerr, who designed this site for me. I did the background graphics(so you know who to blame if you hate them). I am waiting for new photos of various ponies plus this year's foals. These will be put up as soon as possible, definitely within the next few weeks.

19/08/2009 - All pages have been updated. There are several new updated and new photos. The For Sale page is now up to date also. We now have a videos page, so you can see our ponies in action.